TCM for a Healthier Approach to Weight Loss

July 17, 2019 by Free Spirit Wellness

Keto. Paleo. Whole30. DASH. Atkins. Mediterranean. Carnivore. It seems like every day there’s a new fad diet claiming to be the best way to lose weight. The problem is, none of these “quick fixes” properly address the true causes of weight gain. If they did, we wouldn’t be dealing with an epidemic of obesity in this country, where more than half of all adults are overweight, as well as close to one fifth of all children.

With Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we don’t just look for short-term weight-loss solutions. We get to the root of the problem and work to make sure that your body’s organs are all working in proper balance. 

It all starts with your body’s Qi or “vital energy.” TCM works to strengthen and balance your body’s Qi so that your body can function properly and, in turn, keep you healthy. And that’s really what losing weight is all about: being healthy.

One way we help you maintain a healthy weight is by looking at your current eating habits and then teaching you how to adjust your diet so that you’re getting the nutrition your body needs to function properly. We take a holistic approach to digestion, looking not only at what you’re eating, but also other external factors, like stress, anxiety, etc., which can have a negative impact on your body’s organs. For example, practitioners of TCM believe that a properly functioning spleen and stomach can help with weight loss by enabling your body to effectively break down food, extract nutrients, and dispose of toxic waste materials. 

Of course, proper nutrition is just one of the ways we help you maintain a healthy weight. We also incorporate things like Chinese herbs — which have been shown to increase metabolism and suppress appetite — and the healing art of acupuncture — which can help regulate your endocrine system, reduce appetite, and increase your overall energy. 

If you struggle with your weight and want something more effective and long-term than the latest diet fad, stop in to Free Spirit Wellness and Acupuncture today. We’ll work with you to create a personalized, holistic, long-term plan to help you maintain a healthy weight and keep you in balance, physically, emotionally, and mentally.