Meet the Team — Shawn Kissick, L.Ac, DOM, DQM, Founder

September 25th , 2019 by Free Spirit Wellness

Here at Free Spirit Acupuncture & Wellness, we’ve got a great team of folks dedicated to your overall health and well-being. And it all starts with the Head Honcho himself, Shawn Kissick.

Shawn founded Free Spirit back in 2007 after earning an HBSc in Plant Science from Western University and a master’s in acupuncture and Chinese medicine from the accredited American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, Ohio. Today he harnesses the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help patients feel their best. 

What’s funny is, like a lot of people, even Shawn had his doubts about Eastern medicine before he became a believer.

“I certainly didn’t believe in all of it when I first started studying Qi Gong, the energy side of it,” he says. “Honestly, it all seemed a little woo-woo.”

But then he began suffering from bad allergies, heart palpitations, and other health issues. So he started doing meditation work, and soon all the problems disappeared. That’s how he became a believer and, eventually, a practitioner. 

In the fall of 2007, Shawn traveled to China and spent six weeks in Bejing studying and practicing TCM. Then, in 2012, he earned a doctorate in Qi Gong. He opened his first clinic in Beaver on College Avenue before moving to the main street in 2013.

Shawn says he never thought that one day he’d be practicing TCM in his own clinic. But within a week of opening, he was loving it. “I really enjoy showing people how acupuncture and TCM in general can be more effective than traditional treatments and medicine. Give it a chance and, just like me, I’ll make you a believer.”

Shawn Kissick, L.Ac, DOM, DQM, Founder