About Us


At Free Spirit Acupuncture & Wellness our mission is to improve the overall health of our community through the incorporation of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) methods. We aim to proactively support the community through quality care and outstanding individualized patient service.

Personalized Focus

When visiting our practice, patients will be treated with a professional, balanced and holistic approach to health. Though they initially might visit us with specific issues, our goal is to guide them to relief and improved overall health.

Working with The Body

Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is an approach to medicine developed over thousands of years independently from western medicine. With TCM the practitioner works to restore balance within the individual that is suffering from physical or mental issues. Through acupuncture, Qi Gong, herbs and nutritional counseling, we work with the body to kick start its natural abilities to repair and heal itself. There is a substantially reduced risk of side effects as compared to other pharmaceutical or medical treatments.

Partnership for Success

To be truly effective the TCM practitioner must work together with the patient to effect change. At Free Spirit Wellness, each patient’s unique situation is reviewed and a holistic treatment is provided. Ultimate success is based on both the practitioner and patient’s efforts.